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So, I am sitting at work (not working) as usual, and came across something that I thought is really funny.  I love fucking with people, especially at work.  I mean, after all, what better way to spend my time at work, wasting away company money fucking with people heads! 


1. Make all the phones in your office ring at the same time – Make all the office phones ring at the same time using Skype. It will cost you approximately $10 for this prank but worth every penny.  Sit back an enjoy the mayem you created.

 skypeprnk Top 10 Computer and Office Related Pranks To Do on April Fools

2. Optical mouse confusion– Only a few of us still use the computer mouse with a rolling ball in it, so this is an update for the optical sensor mice. Simply stick a piece of tape on the laser sensor in the bottom, color the nonstick side and watch the victim get frustrated as the mouse goes haywire.
optohiiriiso Top 10 Computer and Office Related Pranks To Do on April Fools
3. Screenshot as wallpaper prank–  this one deserves a little effort, but the reactions make it worthwhile.  Simply take a screenshot of your friend’s computer with  Print screen button, hide all the icons, minimize open applications, and set the taskbar on auto hide. Watch their reactions as they attempt to select any icon or application without getting any response. Like I said, it takes a little time, but funny as hell!

4. Rotate the screen display-  this one works on most  computers and is very easy to see if it does. Simply press ctrl + alt + arrow direction preferred (up, down, left, right). Afterwards, leave the computer and watch, for the victim cannot bring it back unless he knows the magic formula.  hehe!  (I have personally used this one….funny as hell!)
rotateprank Top 10 Computer and Office Related Pranks To Do on April Fools

5. Paper cup tabletop gag–  Load a colleagues work desk with plenty of paper cups, fill them up with water close to the top, and then staple them all together. This is the worlds best office prank- simple and sooo annoying!


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